CHECK IT OUT is partnering with Echo as our primary smart contract development platform

The decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery
and monetization in media
. is building an open, universal ledger that records immutable and timestamped information about your creative content and uses our open protocols designed for interoperability with current industry standards in media and publishing.

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Our Focus Points. helps content creators establish immutable, provable layers of value to help create a better web
The foundation of is attribution. We enable multiple new ways to reference that content through the entire network to help establish validated claims such as ownership or authorship.
The Network builds a set of ubiquitous information based on standard protocols to lower the friction in communicating the value of our content and how it can be unlocked.
With the combination of verifiable reputation and on-chain discovery, the Network expands the options for monetizing content in a safe, controlled way. Both public and private marketplaces can be enabled.
Everyone can see the actions taken on the Network and establish a history of certain behaviors by entities. Each piece of new information helps us be sure of who is safe with which to engage.


The Road to Mainnet

Follow along with our progress toward our largest milestone to date

Select Use Cases.

Examples that guide how we expect to be able to utilize the Network


Earn long-tail income from an existing content library by licensing it programmatically to new sources of buyers
Discover and curate content to republish from potential partners
Build an internal supply chain for content production with verified checkpoints to make sure that content is compliant with industry standards


Make your content discoverable with transparent licensing terms to a global network of publishers
Use immutable timestamps to prove that you’ve originated a specific idea before someone else
Use immutable links in bibliographies for citing your sources


Build up a history as a proven fact-checking service or specialize in curation of high-quality images
Ensure that your advertising doesn’t appear against unsavory content from nonreputable publishers
Integrate multiple external identities to your content to help bridge existing reputation systems

A Protocol for Creative Works in Web 3.0.

Learn more about how intends to help digital publishers thrive

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