Project Overview is a set of decentralized protocols and applications focused on content ownership, discovery, and monetization in media. Our mission is to power a better web built around the virtues of trust, verifiability, and accountability for media organizations and content creators. In the same way that blockchain technologies have revolutionized the financial industry, wants to transform the publishing industry by creating an immutable and distributed ledger for creative works that may serve as a platform for both centralized and decentralized media applications.


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David Turner

Project lead

David Turner has been a social publishing and technology leader for the past eight years. His background is in building enterprise software that people love to use and creating companies that put people before profits. His most recent roles have given him firsthand experiences into the pain points around the attribution, discovery and distribution of content. Prior to, David was a CTO at Guff Media, a leader in social content, and vice president of technology at Unified, the social advertising platform that powers Spotify, AT&T and iHeartMedia.

David is an advisor to multiple early stage startups and is a former Y Combinator-backed founder (PageLever S11, acquired by Unified Social).


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