Your First Step Into the Decentralized Media Economy. is a tool that allows publishers to timestamp their digital works. uses blockchain technology in order to create digital "fingerprints" that can mathematically prove an article hasn’t been altered or tampered with.
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Manage All of Your Digital
Creative Assets in One Spot

Use the protocol to authenticate and manage all of your digital assets on the blockchain. ensures the existence, integrity and attribution for all of your works and allows you to showcase their registration publicly.
Prove publication at a certain time. Show with absolute certainty when an article was first published and that your publication was the first with the story.
Prove document integrity with a transparent edit log. This provides a solid piece of evidence in cases of defamation, cyber-bullying or publication of content protected by intellectual property.
Create a digital catalog of assets. View and track all of your media assets in one place, with an automatically populated database.
Access a log for journalists and editors. An immutable edit log is a defense against cyberattacks and manipulation of content, allowing you to trace every change to its authorized source.

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" is helping us build a creative library of assets that we will one day be able to one-click syndicate to all of our media partners. It is helping us provide transparency and trust into our Content Management System."

Christie Harkin


"Content is the most powerful gateway to customers, communities and new markets around the globe. In 2018, every brand has a story to tell and this is opening up a massive new market opportunity for creators and storytellers. is proving that the power of blockchain can bring security and confidence to the creative class's most valuable asset — their life's work."

Matthew Craig


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