Bitcoin Whitepaper

October 2008

Satoshi releases Bitcoin and, amidst the flurry of excitement, many see the platform as having potential beyond financial applications. The first message is inscribed into the "genesis block."

Proof of Existence 1.0

May 2013

Manuel Araoz creates one of the first non-financial blockchain applications: a website where users can upload a document and hash it into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Original Idea for

October 2016

A team at Bitcoin Magazine, the birthplace of Ethereum, brainstorms a platform to timestamp and tokenize published articles.

Joining BTC Labs

November 2016 joins BTC Labs, an incubator for blockchain technology projects run by BTC Inc.

Initial Kickoff

December 2016

The team meets in the U.S. to outline the initial architecture of the network.

Seed Funding

December 2016

The team travels to Shanghai to meet with investors and raise seed capital to pave the way for "The Future of Media."

Development Team Grows

January 2017

Lautaro Dragan and Álvaro Crespo join the team to develop the Alpha release.


February 2017

Development team spends a month together in Colombia to kick off the Alpha release development cycle.

LTB Partnership

March 2017

BTC Media acquires Let's Talk Bitcoin and converts existing LTB token balances to tokens.

The Authenticator App Enters Beta

March 2017

The Authenticator App enters the App Store to provide secure identity solutions. Foundation Established

April 2017

The Foundation is established in Singapore.

Blockchain Proofs Recognized

April 2017

The State of Arizona recognizes that electronic signatures using blockchain technology and smart contracts are valid, legal contracts and records. Officially Revealed

May 2017

The publisher tool is unveiled at the Maven Media Summit in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff Garzik Joins Advisory Board

May 2017

A Bitcoin Core developer, Garzik comes on board as technology advisor to

Jaxx Announced as Custodian Partner

June 2017

Jaxx, a leading digital asset wallet, signs on to become a wallet provider for the token. Raises $1M

June 2017 raises $1 million in funding from angel investors and strategic partners. Testnet Goes Live

June 2017 launches a public testnet with initial alpha partner Bitcoin Magazine.

First Publishers Integrate

July 2017

Coin Speaker, the Merkle and other publishers join as alpha partners.

The Token Sale

August 2017 successfully raises $10,000,000 in tokens during the token sale.

Version Control and Edit Logs

October 2017

Publishers and readers will be able to view different versions of assets through time, each with an immutable timestamp.

Standard Metadata Schema

September 2017

Using existing data, will support a standardized metadata format for digital assets.

Frost App Release

Q1 2018 releases the official publisher API that enables developers to easily build on top of the platform.

Wordpress Plugin

Q1 2018 releases the wordpress plugin, allowing content creators to begin timestamping their work.

Licensing Marketplace will support custom content licenses, in addition to Creative Commons and other industry standards.

Revenue Sharing

Multiple owners for a digital asset can share in the profits and licensing revenue from that asset.

Payment Channels

Payment channel support will enable frictionless and instant micropayments.

Asset Marketplace

The content marketplace launches with 20+ integrated publishers.

Immutable Portfolio

This feature will enable content creators to maintain an immutable record of digital assets across different publications.

E-book Registry's standard e-book metadata format will provide a less costly, open system for e-book publication similar to today's ISBN codes.

Image and Video Support

While only supported written content initially, the platform now supports adding graphics to the network.

Open, Decentralized Marketplace will open the digital media asset marketplace to all content creators, publishers, editors and other interested parties.

SEO Liquidity

Using, publishers have a transparent price discovery tool to effectively "liquidate" their SEO value for some time interval. App Platform Launches

Developers are able to build and deploy smart contracts and other DApps that interact with the network.

Audio Support

Users can now register sound clips, podcasts and music to the platform.

Reputation System will integrate a reputation and dispute resolution system to combat spam or fraud on the network.

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