The Token

An economic tool for crowdsourcing truth

How do you take an open, trustless and decentralized system that anyone can write to at basically no cost and determine what information is useful, trustworthy or accurate? What’s to stop someone from copying a famous work, timestamping it to and claiming it as their own? How do you filter the “good” from the “bad”? Facts from “fake news”? The answers to these questions, these problems, can be crowdsourced by aligning economic incentives of content creators, publishers and curators via competing token-curated marketplaces, using the token — POE.



Token FAQs.

What is the token?

The token serves as the economic layer for’s marketplaces to economically incentivize participation, discovery and curation. POE is staked by content creators in order to join a marketplace. If a content creator decides they would like to submit their content to a given marketplace, they will be required to stake a minimum amount per marketplace that they desire to be added to. POE tokens are also staked by content curators and used to incentivize dispute resolution in's marketplaces.

Will I have to pay in POE to timestamp my works?

No, anyone can run the open-source node to timestamp their creative works without using the POE token and without joining a marketplace.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace is any curated selection of assets. Marketplaces can be broad enough to encompass every piece of content on, or highly focused and include only high resolution photos of puppies wearing sweaters by Norwegian photographers. Marketplaces will be governed by token-weighted voting in accordance with predetermined policies. The end consumer of these marketplaces will be publishers, content curators, or anyone looking to license the rights to digital creative assets.

How will deal with fraud/plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a very complex problem and not a problem aims to solve at the protocol layer. The only real plagiarism check that can be done by the node is rejecting new content that has an identical hash to a previously timestamped piece of content. This was an intentional decision in favor of simplicity and to allow freedom for marketplaces built on to determine their own policies. This freedom of choice incentivizes competition among marketplaces to develop the most effective policies for combating plagiarism, "fake news," etc.

How are marketplaces created?

Anyone can create a marketplace by deploying a smart contract with defined marketplace rules (minimum deposit, challenge time, voting base, etc.)

What is a “voting base” in a marketplace?

Voting bases are the subset of users who are able to vote on dispute resolution and approval of content to that marketplace. Examples of possible voting bases include all marketplace members, a preselected subset of marketplace members and automated arbitration via AI or third-party APIs.

Can POE be used to pay for licenses?

Yes, POE is an optional payment method for licensing or native payments on the Network.

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How can I purchase POE?.

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